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The UMR 5602 GEODE (Environmental Geography) laboratory is a joint CNRS (INEE)/UTM structure with 37 permanent members and 30 PhD students wich focus his scientific activities on studies of environmental and landscape processes from the reconstruction of natural and socio-ecological processes in a long term duration to spatial modelling or to the establishment of prospective scenarios, by way of management expertise and the development of contemporary processes.

This multi/inter-disciplinary team associates specialists in environment and geography, geohistorians, palaeoenvironmentalists (palaeoecologists), ecologists, archaeologists, specialists in remote sensing and modellers and GEODE research activity is connected with three technical platforms (the Palaeoenvironemental and Geoarchaeological platform, the spatial modelling platform and 3D modelling platform) and two fields observatories (Observatoire Hommes-Milieux and SEEG)..

 L’activité scientifique du laboratoire est soutenue par trois plateformes techniques (les Plateformes « Paléoenvironnement et Géoarcheologie », « Modélisation spatiale » et « Modélisation et numérisation 3D ») et s’appuie sur deux observatoires de terrain fédératifs (l’Observatoire Hommes-Milieux du Haut Vicdessos et le SEEG de la grotte des Fraux).

The unit is structured around three main scientific axes ::

The specificity of its research axes and domains of knowledge confers upon the GEODE laboratory  a level of skill and a response capacity that is nationally and internationally recognised in the reconstruction or spatial modelling of environmental past processes and socioecological systems whose mains scientifics results are published in high-ranked journals. GEODE laboratory is also known for its capacity to transpose these approaches to management and development policies, in particular  for heritage development of cultural landscapes, for risk analysis and management and for biodiversity dynamics studies. This high level of expertise is illustrate by the active presence of several members of GEODE in many national decision making boards and committees.
GEODE’s expertise is supported by a long experience in applied research to mountainous regions (Pyrenees, Massif Central, southern Alps) based on which it has developed several research projects (ANR, ACI, PCR, FEDER Programmes [ANPYR, FLUXPYR], OHM Pyrénées) and thematic networks (RTP Paysage et Environnement; Landscape Archaeology of European Mountain Area Network). The laboratory is also widely recognised for its works on South American, Indian, and Mediterranean field studies thanks to numerous international  programmes (ECOS, PICS) and partnership agreements.

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