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(Influence des Réseaux Incitatifs sur l’Usage des Sols / Influence of incentive networks on land use changes)



The aim of this model is to explore the influence of different multi-scaled incentive networks affecting farmer decision on landscape changes. Three scaled networks are considered: a global ‘policy’ network promoting specific land-uses, an intermediate ‘social’ network where land-use practices are shared and promoted collectively, and a local ‘neighborhood’ network where land-use practices are influenced by those of their neighbors. We assess the respective and combined influence of these networks on landscape pattern (fragmentation and heterogeneity) and dynamics, taking into account agronomic constraints (assimilated to crop successions). Finally, landscape complexity has also to be understood through the multiplicity of pathways of landscape changes rather than the assessment of the resulting landscape patterns.



Caillault S., Mialhe F., Vannier C., Delmotte S., Kêdowidé C., Amblard F., Etienne M., Bécu N., Gautreau P., and Houet T. (In press) Influence of incentive networks on landscape changes: A simple agent-based simulation approach, Environmental Modelling and Software




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